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Law care in the winter.

Law care in the winter.

by Rbernich

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t neglect your lawn. It may be cold, wet and snowy but your lawn still needs some love. Below are a few tips for winter lawn care, even in the winter.

Apply fertilizer with a spreader. There are a variety of spreaders and the size you should get and use is based on your yard size. I have added samples below for you to look at.

Aerate the Lawn
Aerateing your lawn will bring air to the roots and promote lawn growth. For this, I suggest using a professional landscaper as they will have the equipment that will make this job easier. You can also rent a motorized aerating tool. Again, based on the size of the area that choice will be up to you.

Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed
Purchase grass seed that says “cool season” or “cool weather” on the package, such as most fescues.You can use a spreader that we spoke about earlier but the ultimate thing to remember is to spread the seed evenly of you risk running the chance of grass growing in clumps.

Rake and Water the Lawn
Drag a rake over the lawn to break up soil clumps and cover the seeds a bit. Water the lawn with the garden hose spray. You need to keep the seed moist for the winter and be mindful of not letting it dry out.

More Winterizing Tips
Lower your mower height the last two times you mow.

Remove debris, toys, leaves, etc. Nothing will grow while the area is covered and the grass will die.

Check with your local lawn and garden center as they will know what is best for your area. But most of all start planning.

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